Balatonfüredi Üdülőház

8270 Balatonfüred, Szerdahelyi u. 7/a, Hungary


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Appartement, other accommodation
3000-5000 HUF/person/night
Max. number of persons: 15

on the first level: Living room and bedroom,huge, covered terrace,kitchen,
bathroom. 5 accommodation spaces.
Price: 98 000 Ft/week, 15000 Ft / night / apartment

Apartment on the second level:
Living room and bedroom,huge covered terrace, kitchenette corner,
bathroom - toilet. 5 (+1) accomodation spaces.
Price:95 000 Ft /week, 14000 Ft / night /apartment

Air conditioned apartment in the attic:
spacious room with 2 French style beds, kitchenette corner, bathroom, terrace,
4 accommodation spaces.
Price: 85 000 Ft week, 13000Ft/night / apartment

The apartments are equipped with kitchen equipment (Microwave, fridge, stove top).
Unlimited internet access. Close to the plage and the boardwalk!

Balatonfüredi Üdülőház, Balatonfüred, Hungary

Map position: 140; 181

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