Apartman Siesta

9737 Bük, Ifjúság útja 55-57., Hungary

+36-30-377-8254; 94-358-472

E-mail: info@apartmansiesta.hu.no spam
Bed & breakfast, inn, Appartement, other accommodation
3000-5900 HUF/person/night

The family run Apartman Siesta guest house in a quiet, green but frequented location welcomes all year long the guests, who desire to relax, with separate, self-contained, 35-50 qm apartements consits of cosy, spacious rooms with 2-5 beds, with all the comforts:

• separate bath room (towel, shower, toilette)
• complete equipped kitchen with living room (dishes, cutlery, coffee machine, toaster, microwave oven, dishwashing liquid, SAT TV, DVD player and rent a DVD)
• 1 or 2 bedrooms (with bedclothes cover, towels)
• parking facilities in the closed courtyard
• separate balcony or terrace
Our new completed „just married” suites with own jacuzzi (for 2 people) using without restraint provides delightful recreation not only for honeymooners but for every guests who expect tranquility.

Apartman Siesta, Bük, Hungary

Map position: 61; 134

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