Fapados Fogadó

4030 Debrecen, Monostorpályi út 36., Hungary

+36-52-950-975; 20-314-2562

E-mail: monikabalogh1@t-online.hu.no spam
Bed & breakfast, inn, Appartement, other accommodation
3000-3750 HUF/person/night
Max. number of persons: 15

ur guest house is at Monostorpályi street 36., in Debrecen. We have single , double and triple room, every room with bathroom. Here's in every room satelit TV and free WI-FI. In garden is free parking. In the building is a restaurant.

Nearly is: - Airport Debrecen

- Big Railway Station

- road 47

Fapados Fogadó, Debrecen, Hungary

Map position: 405; 122

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