Monika Vendégház

8300 Tapolca, Vörösmarty M. u. 32., Hungary

+36-87-411-932; 30-640-71-57

Fax: +36-87-411-932
E-mail: spam
Appartement, other accommodation
3200-3800 HUF/person/night

The Monika Guesthouse is waiting for its visitors close to the city center in silent and calm environment. The Guesthouse has a 3 bedroom apartment - with a large living-room, a teakitchen and two bathrooms - two double bedrooms and an individual apartment. These are ideal for 12+3 persons. All of them have a separate entrance, bathroom, television, fridge and terrace. Our guests can leave their cars in a safe closed backyard.

Monika Vendégház, Tapolca, Hungary

Map position: 109; 188

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