Apartman Hotel Sárvár

9600 Sárvár, Fekete-híd u. 17., Hungary

+36-95-320-377 /95-520-600

Fax: +36-95-320-377
E-mail: info@apartmanhotelsarvar.hu.no spam
Three star hotel, Bed & breakfast, inn, Appartement, other accommodation
4000-10000 HUF/person/night

Apartman Hotel the central part of Sarvar, quiet, peaceful surroundings of the Arboretum neighborhood is located 10 minutes walk from the spa, Sarvar from the town center and the like.
Great care to guests and create a smooth relaxing spend all conditions. To do this, help wellness package offers .
Apartman Hotel 3-star hotel guests appropriate level of excellent care waiting single, double and triple rooms . apartments 4-5 people comfortably serve the rest.

Apartman Hotel Sárvár, Sárvár, Hungary

Map position: 74; 148

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